ADLS: The portal is having issues getting authentication tokens….

The portal is having issues getting authentication tokens for Microsoft_Azure_DataLakeStore a common error that happens under certain conditions and only if you did not read my previous post azure-data-lake-managing-data-access. In short, the error comes when the ADLS administrator has added your account to ADLS without adding the user to Azure AD (inviting you as a guest). […]

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How to connect to Azure Services

When deploying services in Azure, the connection to those services is important. Some services might require public access, while for other services you want to have a more private connection.. this post goes into the different options.. and what to take into account when connecting to services deployed in Azure.. Within Azure there is a […]

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Azure Data Lake – managing data access

When setting up Azure Data Lake services, it is possible to combine access to the actual data with Azure Active Directory B2B. The combination of these services allow external vendors and or partners to connect to the data in Azure Data Lake, but under the governance of your and their company. The logins for accessing […]

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Highly Available Azure GW’s and Juniper SRX

Pretty quietly Azure has released the option of using redundant VPN connections. In this case, the gateway in Azure actually gets 2 external IP addresses that our on-premises Firewall can connect to. In this chapter, a small update on the Juniper SRX, BGP to Azure post. So that after following this guide, you can actually […]

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AAD Pass-Through Authentication – SSO without ADFS

There are multiple options for authenticating users against Azure AD. But until now, full support for SSO based logins was only possible using two options. Azure AD joined devices, or a local ADFS service to your on-premises Active Directory. The latter being the most used option it also had its problems, first of all you […]

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Azure B2B and internal applications

Azure Active Directory released the functionality for B2B a few months ago. This new feature enables companies to extend their identity service as well as their applications beyond traditional borders. Say, you want to provide your vendor a mailbox in YOUR Office 365 tenant. That way the vendor can still read/write emails on behalf of […]

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Enabling on-premises MFA in AAD : when it just doesn’t work…

When you want to enable MultiFactorAuthentication (MFA) for Azure / Intune / Office 365 / Dynamics 365 and you are using federated logins and want to have the MFA provider to be on-premises (integrated with ADFS/PingFed/other) integrated.. you might run into an issue where the Azure MFA page keeps popping-up and asking you to register […]

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Add disks to VMs in Azure

Sometimes you have the need to add additional disks to VM’s in Azure.. and if you happen to manage a big farm of servers and all servers need to have additional disks, you find yourself in the portal a lot.. or in Powershell hacking your way through variables and collections..

This script will help you adding one or multiple disks to a single VM, all VM’s in a ResourceGroup or all VM’s in a ResourceGroup starting with a particular name (more…)

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Unused Azure Resource cleanup

When using Azure as your development platform, or to play with.. you eventually find yourself deleting resources 1 by 1 or entire resource groups.. cause when you delete a VM in ARM (the new portal), it deletes only the VM, but leaves the VHD, the NIC, the public IP, and NGS’s… so what if you could run a script that looks at the unused resources and deletes them for you?

well, look no further.. (but develop with me, based on) the initial script I wrote.. AzureCleanUp.ps1

<Last update April 2017>


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PowerBI Gateway and Proxies

The PowerBI Gateway can be used to connect on-premises database sources into PowerBI, Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps and PowerApps. The advantages are many, and if installed correctly it will work flawlessly. However, the default install of the connector is based on the gateway being able to connect directly to the internet. While it’s the fastest […]

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